What is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) has its roots in the studies of B.F. Skinner and his theories
on behaviorism.  In general, ABA is the design,  implementation and evaluation of
environmental modifications to produce socially significant improvements in human behavior.

ABA includes the use of direct observation, measurement and functional analysis of the
relations between environment and behavior.

ABA uses antecedent stimuli and consequences, based on the findings of descriptive and
functional analysis, to produce practical change.

The Pinnacle Group employs the theories and practices of ABA to positively impact and
improve the lives of our clients.  We currently have Master's level, Bachelor's level, and non-
certified behavior assistants available to provide services.  The staff of the The Pinnacle
Group specialize in:
  • Autism spectrum disorders
  • Developmental disabilities
  • Language & communication delays
  • Severe behavior problems
  • Parent/staff training

“The major problems of the world today
can be solved only if we improve our
understanding of human behavior”   

About Behaviorism, 1974,  
B.F. Skinner
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